About Les

Co Founder, Writer

Les has been a Mets fan since he first saw C4s coverage of the World Series in 1985, already a NY Giants NFL fan and attracted by the cool racing stripe uniforms of the day the Mets pretty much choose him. It didn’t hurt either they won the World Series a year later!

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After the suggestion by David on Twitter and previous UK Mets fan Accounts laying dormant we decided to start NYMets_UK, but decided to change the name as it looked to much like “MetSuk” when we tested our name on T-Shirts, so changed our offical name and brand to UKMets! 

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Our Goals

Simply to promote New York Mets baseball here in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We hope this site will be used as a fan resource to share trips and experiences at Citi Field and beyond.

We want fans to contribute photos, blogs anything they feel is relevant and can help make Mets baseball  and recognisable in the UK, especially when the Yankees and Red Sox will be playing In the inaugural MLB London Series 2019. 

Contact me either via twitter or email me direct at UKMets@btinternet.com

About David

Co Founder

David has been a passionate Mets fan since 2012 and represents the new wave of UK baseball fans, and has been in integral and influential part of UKMets since day one!

Getting Involved

With Les living in N.Ireland, David has taken a hands on roll representing UKMets at UK Baseball Community events in and around London in the only way he can, with a drink in hand and a lot of wishful thinking (we’re not giving up on that David Wright game 7 walkoff).

About Jo

UK Mets Legend

In recent years following Jo on her journeys to Citi Field has been a great fun to follow and a inspiration for Mets fans here in the U.K. So it was only natural that she should come on board!

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Fenway in the Fall

watch out for Jo when she takes Boston by storm this September, and look out for some great tweets direct from historic Fenway Park!

About Tracey

Blog Editor- The endless struggle to correct Les’s terrible grammar!

Racking up the Air Miles like DeGrom does Ks

You would be hard pushed to find another couple of Mets fans from the United Kingdom that have traveled to Flushing in the last few years as much as Tracey and her Husband Mike!

Dont Ask!!

The most commonly asked question for Mets fans from the UK is how did you become a Mets fan? 

Tracey‘s reply is simple; Why wouldn’t she be!!!